A Sea-drift of Songs

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Visual Artist for A Sea-drift of Songs - September 2020

A Sea-drift of Songs is a reconstruction of the sound- and visual scapes of the AfroAsian worlds of the 13th century, as gathered by the Re-centring AfroAsia Project. It is an effort to reconstruct the laments and joys, the rhythms and plausible melodies of that time. It is also made up of stories – the stories of women in servitude who made up most of the musicality of that time. They are searching for ways back home when the brilliant city of Baghdad was torched by Mongolian-led forces in 1258. The magical world of the AfroAsian seas is reconstructed by travelogues of fabulist captains and seafarers. It is a world of gigantic birds that lift elephants sky high to drop them to their death, of gigantic crabs that fly – it is also a world of trade, of ambergris and ivory, of gold and silk, of giraffes and pearls…and of slaves. We are delighted to have an array of soloists from at least 7 vantage points of the known world: from Mapungubwe to Al Andalus and from Muziris to the Habeshi Highlands.


Gallery Bon Bon

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Art Books fo sale - an ongoing conceptual art project


Gallery Bon bon is a conceptual artwork whereby I sell art books. To be the best art book seller to the arts community.


 I am attempting to create  a sustainable creative future for myself, my family and my community.


Books have until now been at the very heart of learning. GalleryBonBon is an artwork about  idea generation, solutions to complex problems and the systems or art.

Buy into the artwork buy an artbook.




Art Photography and Exhibitions


As a film editor I deal with constructing story narratives out of snippets of visual information, decoding them and creating a narrative that is the sum of all the


Constructing visual works using photography, painting, collage and other mixed media. I explore the patterns of visual narratives as well as the unseen symbolic
meaning that colour, space and time contribute to stories.


Group shows and exhibitions

Alive Group Photographic Exhibition. (Muizenberg)


Gallery South: Beneath the surface ( Cape Town)

Youngblood Africa: ( Cape Town)

AVA Gallery: ( Cape Town)

Gallery South: (Cape Town)

Gallery One11 (Cape Town)

Redeye (Durban)

Muizenberg Open Studios (Muizenberg )